1. A Soulful Soundtrack to Waiting Out Hurricane Sandy - This Is The Place (AUDIO).


    Replica Oakley Sunglasses I can think of almost no benefits to so-called 100-Year Storms nowadays arriving closer to every two years. Almost. The lone exception is the fact that it gives my friends Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses Nydia "Honeydripper" Ines Cheap Oakleys and Fake Oakleys Fake Oakley Sunglasses "Soul" Sami Dariush an excuse to do a vintage soul mix together. Last year, the DJing, record collecting couple - both members of the self-dubbed "Ridgewood Soulcial Club" - put together Cheap Ray Bans Replica Oakleys Magic Corner Oakley Sunglasses Cheap while idly waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit Queens - a mix at turns so warmly intimate you could practically hear the raindrops in the quiet spaces between the notes and vinyl crackles (even on the uptempo numbers). This year while waiting out Hurricane Sandy, they present a similarly sweet and brilliant sequel, This Is The Place , featuring a plethora of soulful - and absurdly elusive - gems. While the tortured ballads by Domestic Five, Chain of Fools, and Paul Burton are particular favorites (the latter including the line, "Every day for me it's the same old stormy weather"), Sag War Fare's monster "Girl You Better Change" also seems like an apropos dedication to a heartless chick like Sandy and her ilk. Given how much rougher this storm was on the city than Irene, we could really use this right about now. Listen below and hit up the thumbnail above to check the playlist.

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