1. Hurricane Got Clout. Other Storms, He’ll Put Ya Head Out: Beasties & Hurra – “4 Fly Guys” (1994).

    In honor (or awe) of Hurricane Sandy about to get crunk on the eastern seaboard tomorrow, here’s two great clips-in-one of another Hurricane doin’t big thangs in the east: DJ Hurricane with the Beastie Boys in an 1994 Japan performance of “4 Fly Guys” from his later to be released (and then otherwise deservedly forgotten) solo LP The Hurra . As it appeared on the music channel, “Japan Space Shower” this footage is not sugoi but you can still appreciate the fella’s doing their great Cold Crush influenced routine. Here’s to tearin’ the roof off… safely .

    (Prizzops to nutri871 for the upload)

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