1. Shiznit We Slept On: Human League vs. Yazoo, Tone-Lōc vs. Yes, & Escape From New York Theme (Break Masta Jam Remix) (VIDEO).


    It seems to happen more often than not. A visit to YouTube for one thing turns rather quickly into being sucked into a vortex of videos you weren’t even looking for. It happened the other night when an unexpected introduction to Break Masta Jam ’s channel resulted in the belated discovery of these various blends, remixes, and original productions from the Break Masta himself. When the ingredients are B-movies, ‘80s music, synths, drum machines, and obsession, the results can be quite fun.


    Break Masta Jam — Human League vs. Yazoo (VIDEO).

    Break Masta Jam — Tone-Lōc vs. Yes (VIDEO).

    Aleem — “Get Loose" (Break Masta Jam Remix) (VIDEO).

    Break Masta Jam — "'80s Nightmare" (VIDEO).

    "Didn't wanna make a mix this time round, so grabbed the sampler and made this just for fun after watching some movies earlier! Nuthin' too serious!”

    (Movies included: The Brain, Night of the Creeps, House, Critters, Leprechaun, and Chopping Mall)

    Break Masta Jam — “Escape From New York Main Theme” (Break Masta Jam Remix) (VIDEO).

    “Nothing too drastic; kept [it] pretty raw. Not all synth parts included. Drums — all new. Remixed, but kept as a film score theme."

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