1. WATCH: Adult Rappers Who Wear Diapers — The Huggie Boyz Are Here.


    Finally, some rappers you can Depends on. Coming (crawling?) straight out of Minnesota it's Baby Rash, Yung Pull-Up, and XXL Huggie, the trio known as The Huggie Boyz . These grown-ass rappers ain't got no father to their style, and since they be shittin' on the competition (and on themselves) daily, they wear diapers. We ain't playin'. The HBz are in the crib for real, yo.

    In this exclusive interview with St. Paul, MN public access show, Real Live Hip-Hop TV , the Twin City rappers (who were heavily influenced by Family Guy 's Stewie Griffin) give it to you raw. "If you're the shit, you wear diapers," says Baby Rash.

    But this just ain't boastin' and burpin' for the hell of it. The Huggiez are on a mission. "We shuttin' down all the abortion clinics," vows Yung Pull-Up, giant Crayola in his waist. "Let my babies be free."

    Still, these dudes got time for fun and games. "All them baby sitters and them nannies, I see you baby," flirts Baby.

    "I need me a sitter, I keeps me one," Yung chimes in.

    "I got applications for you right here," says XXL.

    Go get your baby wipes. The Huggie Boyz are a problem.

    "Shittin' on you niggaz/ And we don't even use wipes/Call up your girl because she the one who clean me right."

    (Props to leviticus7777 for the upload)

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