1. The Howie Tee Collection (AUDIO).


    Here is a fun selection of songs from the undeservedly overlooked producer Hitman Howie Tee compiled by the Uggh...Nice Watch blog (which is a pretty damn nice blog).

    From Uggh…Nice Watch: Discount Oakley Sunglasses New York City had no shortage of marquee hip-hop producers in the late ’80s and early ’90s, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Hitman Howie Tee a.k.a. Howard Thompson often gets overlooked when discussing the golden era’s key composers. Best known for creating stars like Chubb Rock and Special Ed, Howie was instrumental in paving the way for the new wave of hip-hop that took hold of NYC in the mid-to-late ’80s. Queens had Marley Marl, and Brooklyn had Howie Tee, the borough’s biggest name brand producer at this pivotal time. Knockoff Oakleys

    ...His clout faded in the mid-’90s, but Howie’s indelible influence on hip-hop had already been made. Experience his underrated catalog with this compilation of 30 Howie Tee bangers*…

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    The Howie Tee Collection (Presented by Uggh...Nice Watch) Cheap Oakley Sunglasses by Ugghnicewatch on Mixcloud

    ( *NOTE: All Songs were produced, written, remixed, arranged and/or performed by Howie Tee.)

    The Howie Tee Collection Replica Oakleys Presented By Uggh… Nice Watch Tracklist:
    1. Chubb Rock “Treat ‘Em Right” (1990)
    2. Whistle “(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin’” (1985)
    3. Color Me Badd “All 4 Love” (1991)
    4. Vicious “The Glock” (1994)
    5. Madonna “Human Nature (Howie Tee Remix)” (1995)
    Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses 6. E.S.P. “Wild Thing” (1988)
    7. Special Ed “I Got It Made” (1989)
    8. Chubb Rock with Howie Tee “Ya Bad Chubbs” (1989)
    9. Izzy-Ice & DJ Majesty “Soul Man” (1988)
    10. Heavy D & The Boyz “Let the People Sing” (1991)
    11. Full Force “Alice, I Want You Just for Me!” (1985)
    12. Lonnie Gordon “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Buckwild Mix)” (1990)
    13. Groove B Chill “Hip Hop Music” (1990)
    14. The Real Roxanne w/ Hitman Howie Tee “Bang Zoom! (Let’s Go-Go)” (1986)
    15. Little Shawn “Hickeys On Your Chest” (1992)
    16. Father MC “Father’s Day” (1990)
    17. Tara Kemp “Anything You Ask” (1992)
    18. Little Indian f/ The Foreigner “One Little Indian” (1995)
    19. Chubb Rock with Hitman Howie Tee “DJ Innovator” (1988)
    20. Another Bad Creation “Spydermann” (1991)
    21. CD III “Get Tough” (1983)
    22. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam “This Is Cult Jam” (1985)
    23. Crash Crew “2-4-6-8 / Here We Are” (1985)
    24. MC Miker G “Don’t Let Music Stop” (1987)
    25. Seeborn & Puma “They Call Me Puma” (1987)
    26. Heavy D & The Boyz “I Can Make You Go Oooh” (1991)
    27. Patra f/ Yo-Yo “Romantic Call” (1993)
    28. Al B. Sure f/ Grege “Papes In The End” (1992) Cheap Oakley Sunglasses
    29. Special Ed “I’m The Magnificent” (1989)
    Replica Oakley Sunglasses 30. Chubb Rock “Just the Two of Us” (1991)


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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Babylonbwoy

      Damn ! The CDIII cut was in my head for 20 years plus when finally got two vinyls copies in 2010... What a melancolic chorus...