1. SATURDAY: “How To Wreck A Nice Beach” Book Party at Treehouse – Brooklyn.

    New York people – if you’re in the Gowanus vicinity of BK tonight stop by Halyard’s for the Treehouse soiree. There you will find folks celebrating the release of the paperback edition of our homie and egotripland contributor Dave Tompkins ‘ acclaimed book How To Wreck a Nice Beach (FYI for those snoozing – it’s an in depth history of the Vocoder from military encoding device to essential funky music machine).

    Residents Raspberry Jones & Treeboy – and special guest Monk-One – will all be on the mix. Adds Tompkins: “They all will play a bunch of good-ass music. Many exclusive unheards. My eyebrows will be full of exclamation marks. (Which is what happens when ASAP Rocky samples S.O.S. Band at the wrong speed.) I will also pamphleteer about the effects of Space Odyssey on Janet Jackson’s future husband as a child. Free literature!”

    Be there!

    “How To Wreck a Nice Treehouse”

    The “How To Wreck a Nice Beach” paperback edition book release party w/ Monk-One, Raspberry Jones & Treeboy on the wheels o’ steel.

    WHEN: Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, 9pm – 3am
    WHERE: Halyard’s, 406 Third Ave. (corner of 6th St.), Gowanus, Brooklyn
    HOW: FREE!

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