1. Houston Rap Tapes Radio (7-23-14) (AUDIO).

    (Photo: G.T. and Snapp of Poetic Souls)

    Podcast hosted by Lance Scott Walker , author of Houston Rap Tapes . P.S. Check out the hella dope Houston Rap Tapes Mix if you missed it.

    Houston Rap Tapes Radio (7-23-14) Tracklist:

    Bayou Pigs — “Rise Up” (1989)
    Scarface — “A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die” (1991)
    UGK — “Short Texas” (1992)
    DJ Screw — “Blow Dem Hoes Up (The Terrorists)” (1991/1996)
    Fesu — “‪Scariest M.F. Gonna Shoot” (1994)‬
    Criminal Elament — “Hit ‘Em Where It Hurt” (1994)
    5th Ward Boyz — “Concrete Hell” (1995)
    Poetic Souls — “Too Much TV” (1992)
    Mr. 3-2 — “My Sweet Trick” (1996)
    Big Mike — “World Of Mind” (1994)
    Wreckless Klan (Point Blank, Ice Lord, PSK-13) — “I Wish” (1996)
    Big Mello ft. Black Nat — “Flossin'” (1996)

    Drop: Jennifer Charles

    [Props to Passion of the Weiss ]

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