1. House Shoes Presents: The Gift Vol. 8 — Raj Mahal (AUDIO).

    House Shoes ’ latest installment in his shine-a-light-on-rising-producers series is Raj Mahal , who is originally from Detroit and currently residing in Chicago. The bomb beats collected here are big-bodied sounds that buzz and echo with intensity.

    Shoes says: [I’ve] known Raj for a long time. A frequent patron at St. Andrews in the prime years, Raj has been honing his craft for years. I hit him last year to send me a gang of joints to see if he had enough heat on deck for me to put him in the series.

    On Xmas eve last year, I put the 88 joints that Raj sent me a few weeks earlier in my phone to go thru. The next day my lil’ homie Smokey died 15 minutes after my son opened his presents. I had to go to the store after all this and pressed play on Raj’s joints [soon] as I got in the car.

    The first track in the playlist sounded like Smokey’s fucking funeral, and I knew when I heard this that that the world to had to hear it. I just had to find 11 more joints out of those 88. I did.

    Limited vinyl late summer.

    Welcome to The Gift – Vol VIII: Raj Mahal… Enjoy.


    [Via DJ House Shoes ]

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