1. House Shoes ft. Quelle Chris & Guilty Simpson – “Nails” (AUDIO).

    A few days ago, Detroit Hip-Hop’s Ambassador House Shoes blessed us with his favorite sample flips . Now comes a leak from his Let It Go album, which drops next Tuesday . The heavy-ass “Nails” is a four alarm blaze made up of wailing, dirty junkyard funk, ill scratched-in hooks, and clever bars. Quelle: “The silent type, keep a pipe near/ Pause, bro, pack that bowl/ It’s a fact that your raps not sold/ You need bunch of videos with trendy clothes with snapbacks low/ For niggas to be like, ‘Oh, he’s cold.'” Simpson: “I spit my truth from the wisdom tooth/ You can’t portray streets with baby teeth/ The weak break off at the root.” As a cool little bonus at the end, things mellow out with “Broken,” a haunting little interlude reminiscent of this . Listen up after the jump…

    [Props to Nah Right ]

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