1. AUDIO: House Shoes ft. Greneberg (Alchemist, Oh No & Roc Marciano) – "Dirt."


    Here's a fresh reminder that House Shoes has one of the essential rap albums out right now, the acclaimed Let It Go . This bomb track from the LP features the talents of frequent collaborators Gangrene ( Oh No & Alchemist ) and Roc Marciano aka Marcberg, who jump on the jing-janglin', whirlwind of a killer beat and proceed to commit all sorts of verbal felonies, with No pointing out that "House is down, so we smashing out your realty," while Alc wears a "live pyrotechnic jacket made out of asbestos" in preparation for the lyrical destruction. Roc ends things with his usual calm-under-pressure demeanor, warning, "I'm not the G to 'F' with/ Most would agree with my assessment." Agreed — this shit bangs hard.

    Let It Go is available on iTunes .

    [Via Nah Right ]

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