1. Look, In The Sea! Is It a Boat? Is It a Hot Tub? Nah. It’s… Both! (GALLERY).

    In the ’90s, a memorable rap music video consisted of one of two winning formulas: either taking your yacht out for a Cristal-fueled cruise a la “Hypnotize” OR the potent combo of hot tubs ‘n’ hotties (and Cristal) a la “Big Poppa.” But never (okay, rarely) did the two video clichés meet. Well, that was then and this is now. In 2013 your consolidated water world dreams have now been fulfilled. Behold the long overdue combo hot tub boat, to which we can only say, “It’s about damn time.”


    Go ahead, aspiring jiggyman. Take your music video to the next level and cop the hot tub boat for a measly $42k from Hammacher Schlemmer . It’s your time.

    [via StupidDope ]

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