1. WATCH: Homeboy Sandman - "Mine All Mine" (Music Video).


    This Homeboy Sandman character can rap his arse off. "Mine All Mine" off the Queens product's recent Subject Matter EP is about as dexterous a display of patterned wordplay as you'll wanna hear - a fact only underscored by the playful visual cues of the music video. Fuck a hashtag flow - Sandman's clever rhyme structure here is the impressive stylistic antithesis (e.g. "The laws in my city done got it in for us/ The laws in my city are not enforced"; "My knot's in my sock/ Since I got more/ Ben Franklins/ My bank is my sock drawer"). No wonder the chorus rejects words altogether in favor of simple humming. Word more can he say? Watch it... after the jump...

    Homeboy Sandman's Subject Matter EP is now available via Stones Throw Records .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Queens...get the sock knot $$$!