1. Sh*t Hologram Rappers Tweet: Hologram Tupac Joins Twitter.

    The rap world is still abuzz over last night’s performance at Coachella by a Tupac Shakur hologram . It was an eerie spectacle for sure seeing Pac in the translucent flesh running through a couple of his classics on stage. But you know what’s even eerier? Pac’s hologram taking just as swiftly to social media, hitting The Twitter ( @HologramTupac ) to get some things off his chest. Yes, we may wonder how N.W.A might have dealt with social media . But we no longer have to wonder how Pac might have handled it. We ain’t mad atcha, Hologram Tupac.


    1. Me Against The World….. of Warcraft

    2. Fucking Snoop is so stoned he forgot I was here when California Love started and did my verses. #Douche

    3. I could have sworn I died with a shirt on.

    4. Out of a job. Anybody know how I can audition for the next Grand Theft Auto?

    5. Cradle to the Grave to the pattern produced on a photosensitive medium that has been exposed by holography & then photographically developed

    6. WTF?!?!?!?! Dre still hasn’t dropped Detox?!?!?! What nigga been doing? Trying out for WWE? #SMH

    7. I’m about as transparent as that fucking Wiz Khalifa’s corny ass lyrics. #HitemUp

    8. Dear RZA. Please relinquish the title of Bobby Digital immediately.#PacDigital

    9. I’m a hologram not a zombie, dumbass niggas! You aint ever see no fuckin Ewoks in Night of The Living Dead did you? Get yo shit right.

    10. Hey Rozay. I AM back! You can return to your job as prison bitch now.

    11. So many digital haters. Only Tron can judge me.

    12. I wonder if I can give evidence in my own murder case? #BitchPolice

    13. Holo if ya hear me

    14. I’m bout to go fuck Hologram Biggie’s bitch… in HD 3D. Hit me up with questions & I’ll answer after I bust a nut.

    15. Slightly better. That nigga Leo Cap should have heeded my advice though – Keep ya head up. RT @TRISTVN What do you think about Titanic 3D?

    16. Fuck YOLO. HOLO > YOLO. And I aint part of the Likwit Crew big homie. RT @danny_boy_543: They say yolo now king T, get with the times yo!

    17. Cause Arrested Development had a copyright on Tennessee @liaBIGPUNov: what’s the deal with rhyming Hennessey with enemies in 9 / 10 songs?

    18. Yo @PRODIGYMOBBDEEP… Heard you mad homo now. Or did somebody hack ya boys Twitter? #PictureMeTrollin

    19. DOS it up!

    20. WTF you mean I aint the first hologram rapper? Who the fuck is this bitch ass @iamwill.?Legumes aint gangsta nigga!

    21. I aint goin to no hologram fight with hologram Suge in hologram Vegas RT @derekt529: pac alive? wonder is he going to the mayweather fight

    22. Get ready for my new album – ‘All Eyez Thru Me’

    23.Does anybody know which Walmart @realkcijojo are working at? I need a few hooks for this new LP.

    24. Yes, @SnoopDogg & I are going to hit the road together. It is going to be called the ‘Pale Imitations of Our Former Selves’ Tour.

    25. Problem with hologram bitches is you can’t feel their tits. #HologramWorldProblems #CurvesMakeaNiggaCry #NeedTits

    26. @mtvhive You niggas trippin. Me wear skinny jeans? Yeah, and you can wear my foot in yo ass.

    27. Yo @sinicalypse37… @pharoahemonch could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram.

    28. As long as I have a power supply, I’ll care #PlugLife RT @eratic: It’s good to know, when nobody else does at least @HologramTupac cares.

    29. Yo @antiherotriggus, I’m a deceased hologram. I don’t need Humpty Hump no more… I’m a one man Digital Underground.

    30. You all listenin to a mumblin midget talkin bout spaceships & some chick from Degrassi? Fuck @LilTunechi. Fuck @drake! HOLO > YOLO


    31. @misserika Holo Pac don’t follow nobody.

    32. Nigga slapped Dre in the face trying to high five me. #SMH RT @lamarcone: Snoop Dogg was so high he thought @HologramTupac was real

    33. Note to @rihanna. Less ‘THUG LIFE’ tatts, more listening to lyrics of ‘Keep Ya Head Up’. #ForgiveButDontForget

    34. They didn’t make no Biggie hologram cause there aint enough pixels for that fat motherfucker!

    35. Use the Force Snoop. Let go. Snoop trust me….

    36. Yo when is the next Source Awards? Oh….. that shit is deader than I am huh?

    37. Ah fuck! Anybody got a spare 54 AA sized batteries? I think Snoop done smoked my charger. #PlugLife

    38. Motherfuckers want to hate?! Hate me then! It’s Just Me Against The World Wide Web.

    39. Holo Pac don’t follow nobody!

    40. Where I be living? You know they got me trapped in this prism of seclusion!

    41. I be twice as hood as all these candy ass niggas. I be the only rapper from the project projects!

    42. Yall want to guess what HOLO stands for? #FuckYOLO

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