1. Sh*t Hologram Rappers Tweet: Hologram Tupac Interviewed by Ted Bawno. Hip-Hop History Made.


    It took longer than seven days, but as everyone and their dear mama knows, Makaveli was finally resurrected this past weekend at the Coachella musical festival in the form of a hologram. The stunning performance on stage with Snoop and Dre, however, did not end in a California desert. Oh no. The digital ghost of the Thug Life advocate set Twitter ablaze starting on Monday and in less than a week Hologram Tupac / @hologramtupac amassed 30,000+ followers and unloaded a shitload of hilarious tweets. Then came the stunning news late yesterday that Hologram Pac would grant his first ever interview to egotripland's boss Ted Bawno / @tedbawno . Two of Twitter's Most Wanted, one the biggest Outlaw of the Internetz, the other the richest, oldest White Svengali to walk through any projects, thumbed their way through a provocative convo that spanned topics like testicles (or rather testicle), Suge Knight, Lady of Rage blow-up dolls, and blogger kneepads. Virtual hip-hop history was made last night, some real Some Barbara Walters shit without the lisps. It's safe to say that social media will never be the same again. Thank you Hologram Pac.

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      this shit is hilarious!