1. Shiznit We Slept On: “The History of the Latin Quarter – Hip-Hop’s Legendary Nite Club.”

    Mandatory listening for Golden Era disciples, as Davey D of Breakdown FM conducts an extensive radio interview with Paradise Gray – host and booker at one of hip-hop’s most famed night clubs, Latin Quarter , and later a member of X-Clan. Stories for days, as you’d guess – including detailed recollections of people, shows and events that have somehow missed the history books (e.g. the fact that Brother J was apparently a big MC Hammer fan – vainglorious!). Also retold: a play-by-play of the legendary KRS-One vs. Melle Mel battle; Public Enemy’s first unsuccessful show at the LQ and the group’s eventual redemption; the time an attempt at robbing Jam Master Jay’s gold chain set off a 2-hour fight between the original 50 Cent’s Brooklyn Zoo crew and JMJ’s Hollis Crew; and the night BDP’s “South Bronx” made its world premiere. Class is in session.


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