1. Hip hop’s culture and influence beyond the traditional four: The MC, the DJ, Breakdancing, and Graffiti

    Friday, Aug. 10th, 7:30 pm

    Part 1: The Sample 
    Hip hop artists and producers constantly sample the beats and lyrics of other artists over a wide range of time periods and music genres. In particular, hip hop has strong jazz and blues influences. “Part 1: The Sample” is a look at the nature of sampling in hip hop; its importance, execution, and function in the culture hip hop creates.

    Take Care
    Compilation edited by Nina Watson Johnson, 2012, 10 min. 
    A dissection of Drake’s “Take Care” sampled from Gil Scott Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You”

    From Mambo to Hip Hop
    Dir. Henry Chalfant, 2006, 56 min. 
    From Mambo to Hip Hop  packs into one hour the incredible history of a community that, despite the odds, fuelled a musical revolution. Anyone with a passion for the music that’s emerged from the cultural melting pot that is New York will devour Henry Chalfant’s film. Chalfant also produced the seminal graffiti documentary Style Wars. It’s a privilege and a genuine treat to have access to this footage and these interviews.  From Mambo to Hip Hop  delivers a terrific insight into the post war jazz and mambo era and traces the evolution of music from salsa to disco to hip hop. This is a story rooted in the South Bronx and it’s a tale told with both pride and passion.

    Panel discussion with director Henry Chalfant, and local hip hop artists TBA, after the film.


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