1. Hip-Hop Playing Cards by Mynority Classics.

    At the risk of gettin’ real stereotypical with it, you gotta love the Japanese and their take on hip-hop. Let’s be real, they take their appreciation of this business of rap to anotha level. Case in point: these rapper inspired playing cards by Mynority Classics . The best part? It’s a women’s clothing line.

    According to their website , the full deck of 54 cards drawn with Japanese calligraphy pens by artist Sayori Wada are a “great way to enjoy a Hip-Hop conversation while you gather with your friends…” Hai! We agree. Take a look at the slides above and appreciate the attention to detail: De La Soul and Jurassic 5 are the 3 and 5 of clubs, respectively. Afrika Bambaataa is a (Black) Spade, of course. And appropriate rap royalty (“45 King” “Queen Latifah,” etc.) are assigned the King and Queen slots, natch. Curiously enough, however, Biz Markie isn’t a Joker. We’ll assume that one was lost in translation. Still, these be F-R-E-S-H.

    They’ve got these and other good goodies on their site. And, relax… it’s in English…

    [ Mynority Classics ] (h/t to UpNorthTrips)

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