1. ego trip Movie Night: Squeeze (1997).

    Reminiscent of the stand-out indie movie Fresh (1994), this small-scale yet equally effective effort tells the story of three teenagers calling themselves the PG-13 Crew who try their best to survive on the streets of Boston. Far from sensationalistic, Squeeze is a respectable drama with a primarily young cast in the lead with Tyrone Burton as Tyson probably giving the strongest and most crafted performance amongst the kids, although Eddie Cutanda as Hector and Phuong Duong as Bao provide plenty of sample-worthy, smart-ass dialog. There’s an appropriately gloomy feel throughout and moves along at an almost quiet pace, but rises above most of the standard “urban” flicks out there. Recommended for those who’ve never seen it.

    Directed by Robert Patton-Spruill.

    (Props to LilEvoG for the upload)

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