1. Hip Hop Heads Illustrated Series by Dale Edwin Murray.


    In my line of work I come across a lot of portfolios and search for illustrators all the time, but very few stand out. The work of Dale Edwin Murray caught my eye for very predictable reasons: his illustrations of rappers are just fun to look at. Done as a personal project, Murray's graphically depicted portraits of select members of hip hop's pantheon slants towards a retroriffic early-1960s vibe that I am admittedly a sucker for. — Brent Rollins

    [ Dale Edwin Murray ]

    Snoop Dogg.

    Flavor Flav.

    MF Doom.


    Notorious B.I.G.



    Jam Master Jay.

    Kanye West.

    J Dilla.

    ... or maybe Bun B wearing a Detroit cap?

    Slick Rick.

    ...or maybe Evander Holyfield on Halloween?


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