1. Hieroglyphics Rockin’ Tramps & Fat Beats NYC Back in 1998 (VIDEO).

    DJ Eclipse says: Here’s another classic episode from Tramps and Fat Beats NYC when the Hieroglyphics crew came through back in ’98. These guys properly utilized their popularity from being on major labels and put it to good use when it was time to establish their own label, Hiero Imperium. They were one of the first groups to build a following online when many other acts didn’t even own a computer. But not only did they have a good sense of business, they had a good sense of rhyming. Still do. Freestyling wasn’t created by them, but they were one of the earliest groups I can remember where everyone in the crew was nice off the top of the head. And everywhere they would go from B.E.T. to Stretch & Bobbito they would display those skills. In the Fat Beats segment of this clip you can catch Del , Casual , Pep Love , Tajai & Opio doing what they do best. Once again we have Max Glazer on the wheels (seen this time) as well as some notable people in the crowd like Siah , Crazy Legs and of course Ill Bill & Q-Unique who were working at the store then. And shout out to Peter Oasis and Zvi of LiveNDirect for putting on the Tramps shows.

    [Via 2DBz ]

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