1. SEE, HEAR: Hieroglyphics Hip Hop Slam TV Interview (1993).

    Originally airing in the Bay Area 19 years ago on this date on now-gone Oaktown television station Soulbeat (Channel 37), these few moments from Billy Jam’s independently produced Hip Hop Slam TV series feature the entire mighty Hieroglyphics crew (that would be Del, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Extra Prolific, Shamen, and Domino) gathered together for an interview. Their primary order of business? Promoting the Souls’ popular single, “93 Til Infinity,” which was brand new at the time. And while this nostalgic segment is cut short after only 5 minutes, it’s still worth a look as it captures one of the West Coast’s most creative collectives early in their careers.

    (Props to HipHopSlam for the upload)

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