1. Heems of Das Racist on the Misdirected Hatred Towards Sikhs In America.


    With the nation still mourning the victims of the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Sunday morning's news of more senseless violence in Oak Creek, Wisconsin - where a gunman opened fire at worshipers at a Sikh temple - is both heartbreaking and devastating. Beyond the loss of innocent lives, for many - including Himanshu Suri , a/k/a Heems , of Das Racist - it's yet another grim reminder of the hate directed towards Middle Eastern and South Asian people in America post-9/11. Clearly upset by the news, Heems / @HIMANSHU took to Twitter late Sunday night to share his thoughts on this national tragedy.

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    • http://soundcloud.com/madinez JMadinez

      Peace to the victims of this tragedy. And peace to Heems. I'm really glad that we have him as a voice in our culture.

    • http://zachdionne.tumblr.com Zach Dionne

      Heems's mid-session intermission to retweet a bunch of vile ignorance he located just by searching "towelhead" was crucial to this whole thing, too. Really happy he continually uses his platform to speak out.

    • kc

      Heems is the truth.