1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Heems Flips on White Rap Fans Sayin’ He’s White.

    Attn: White people. Do not – we repeat, not – make the error of condescendingly regarding a person of color to be more or less white based on the fact that he/she may have attended an excellent school, or possess traits that you may equate with being white. Don’t. It will not go over awesome for anyone involved. Yet, apparently, this is exactly what someone did recently with Heems of Das Racist , setting off a splendid rant ‘pon The Twitter that saw the Greedhead don dada challenge more than a few followers, and admit that even his moms can’t tell him ish.*

    * NOTE: as per usual all straight up RTs omitted; hit up Heems’ timeline if you’re curious to view these.

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