1. WATCH: Havoc — “Separated (Real From The Fake)” Music Video.

    It’s still not all good with Mobb Deep as Havoc releases the video for his Prodigy dis record, employing a goofy “lookalike” of P ala the “Sleazy-E” appearance in the “Dre Day” music video. Lyric wise, Hav takes shots throughout: “You soundin’ real sentimental and soft in your hooks/ Can’t believe how this nigga dress and get nauseous when I look/ 20/20 vision, but had to take another look/ Would’ve thought it was fiction like the motherfucker book…” But he ain’t done: “Keep using them 48 laws wrong get murked/ You used to spit bars, but now you just chirp/ Like a little bird, and most of your album is for the love birds/ Son you wildin’/ I keep it 1000, You tryin’ on blouses.” Damn.

    “Tired of imposters/ Take ’em off the rosters/ And I’ll be at your door with the muthafuckin’ choppers.”

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