1. Has-Lo - "Light Years (J-Zone Remix)" (AUDIO).


    Though egotripland all-star contributor, and now published author, J-Zone has maintained time and time again of late to have retired from making music, we were pleasantly surprised to find his credit pop up recently amongst the producers contributing to Has-Lo's Conversation B - a remixed version of Has' acclaimed In Case I Don't Make It LP from last March. B's "Light Years," as reinvented by J-Zone, goes the dense n' dark sci-fi route, sounding very much like the Bomb Squad in a bad mood. Sick stuff - not half bad for a retiree. And, yes, you could say Has' contemplations of positive vs. negative energies sound particularly apropos this morning in light of current events in downtown NYC. Listen and DL track for free below. Buy the album on iTunes, HERE .

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