1. Harlem Sundae Sermon + "Maestro" Screening

    Harlem Sundae Sermon + “Maestro” Screening

    Come through for the sickest dance party you’ve ever been to on a Sunday afternoon— groovin’ way on into the evening. If you’ve ever been curious about the gospel according to music, be sure to check out Sundae Sermon.

    Sunday, July 24th: Four DJs ( Dj Kamala ; Dj Reborn ; Dj Beverly Bond ; Dj Stormin’ Norman ) = all day awesome sweaty dance party. Would you rather be anywhere else? Dance for five hours straight, then wind down with our screening of “Maestro” , which “Tells the story of how a group of people found refuge and jump started the nascent club movement in post-Stonewall 70s New York City.” Your health and general well-being will be sorely compromised if you miss this, we swear.

    Morningside Park
    Morningside Drive @ 114 Street
    Music 3pm-8pm, Film @ 8:15pm

    & as always, more info on the site: http://mayslesinstitute.org/














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