1. Harlem Reacts to Recent Wave of "Harlem Shake" Videos (VIDEO).


    To this point we've managed to ignore the viral sensation of the moment - videos of various people not from Harlem dancing to Baauer 's trap/rave/EDM track "Harlem Shake" (thus all but eclipsing the original uptown dance of the same name). But since someone finally got around to including actual Harlemites in the conversation (EDIT: besides those who've previously worked with Baauer ), hey, we couldn't resist. Here, various people on 125th Street watch and react to the recent wave of "Harlem Shake" videos sweeping the Interwebz. And as you might guess they're not finding much special about its delivery to the world's stage. Word to G. Dep .

    (Props to SchleppFilms for the upload.)

  2. You might wanna peep...


      I honestly thought when Baauer's song blew up it would bring back the original harlem shake and I thought it was pretty cool, but than again, white people.

    • Julius BigBirdington

      The only reason its known as the harlem shake is clearly the sample, I hardly think anyone in middle america is actually thinking thats whats popping on 139 and Lenox(to be real, most viral practitioners only know Harlem as "that neighborhood the guy from chopped has a restaurant in, right?"). Talking about something that most people who know about it think was a Puffy conception as an "artform" or a "lifestyle" is just on some wild smart dumb shit. FOH.

    • DJJD

      "I feel like they're. Disrespecting"go on with that bullshit. The original Harlem shake looks like someone's seizure got a rhythm .

    • 357nyc

      Went to 125 last summer couldn't believe the amount of white people. Literally by the bus load, thought I was in the twilight zone so I guess the new Harlem shake is for the new gentrified Harlem..