1. Listen to Unreleased Mid ‘90s Hip-Hop From Members of Hard 2 Obtain (AUDIO).

    Heavy Jewelz presents M.I.S.T. (Movin’ Island Style Thorough) EP, the six-track demo (on limited edition vinyl) from the group 12 Block , which consisted of Hard 2 Obtain ’s Taste The Terror and A Math (who was to be in H2O, but opted out) along with DJ Nastee .

    Says Heavy Jewelz: What exactly happened to Hard 2 Obtain? Well, we can’t tell you what we don’t know. but we can tell you this much; A Math (12 Block) was originally supposed to be one of the main emcees in Hard 2 Obtain, along with Taste The Terror (12 Block & Hard 2 Obtain), but as the recording of their album Ism & Blues was about to commence, A Math decided that finishing his education down South was the right move at the time. A Math was well known as one of the nastiest emcees on “L.I Groove.”

    Fast forward a little while later to September 1994 and A Math makes his way to the studio with Taste and DJ Nastee who also worked closely with Hard 2 Obtain. These tracks were all recorded from Sept 94 to Feb 95. “If It’s On Like That (C’mon)” was played on Stretch & Bobbito and is another elusive sought after demo, as was “Movin Island Style Thorough.”

    A couple years later, A Math returns and joins Taste and Nastee in the studio and a few months later came this 6-track beast of a demo completely produced by DJ Nastee. Like so many other gems, no big labels wanted to invest and it wound up on the shelf. Now, almost 20 years later, it’s been mastered and laid to 150 Gram thick vinyl and it bangs!

    Get the vinyl over at Heavy Jewelz .

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