1. Hank Shocklee NPR Microphone Check Interview (VIDEO).

    How “Public Enemy No. 1” started as a pause tape and more.

    Hank Shocklee: I understand scales and musical arrangements and that stuff, but… I was not a player. I’m not going to pick up a bass or a guitar or keys and I’m going to, you know, put some virtuoso stuff down. That’s not going to happen. But what I do have is a turntable and records. And so I just want to create this collage, almost like a Romare Bearden kind of a painting. And just be able to take colors and put them in ways that people would not think that those colors should be there. And so when I make records and it’s always…like… what does it look like first?

    Interview by Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Frannie Kelley .

    [Via NPR ]

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