1. The Halftime Show Larry Smith Tribute on 89.1 FM WNYU with DJ Eclipse (AUDIO).


    Recap: On December 19th legendary producer Larry Smith passed away. He was responsible for almost all of Whodini and Run-D.M.C. 's classics as well as contributing to many other artists such as the Fat Boys and Kurtis Blow. To many of us he was considered the first hip-hop producer. Run-D.M.C.'s "Sucker M.C.'s" set hip-hop on a path in a new musical direction. On Wednesday, December 24th DJ Eclipse and The Halftime Show paid tribute to Larry with many of the songs that he was responsible for making along with phone calls from his longtime friend Spyder D , his son Larry Smith Jr. and a fan of Larry's turned producer, DJ Premier .

    (h/t AFH )

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