1. 10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons a Guy Would Father 30 Kids.

    This past week, Memphis news station WREG reported that a 33-year old Knoxville, Tennessee resident who is the father of 30 kids appeared in court to ask the state for child support help. Desmond Hatchett has fathered 30 children with 11 different women, and is struggling to get by. 50% of the earnings from his minimum wage job are split amongst the 11 women , and some receive as little as $1.49 a month. It might sound as though Mr. Hatchett has acted completely irresponsibly. But we here at egotripland support his right to indiscriminantly spread his seed freely. In fact, we’re almost positive we can think of at least 10 perfectly acceptable reasons why a fella such as him – or any of us for that matter – would father 30 kids. Peep WREG’s news report on the story, and our list, after the jump…

    [Via Huffington Post ]

    egotripland: 10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons a Guy Would Father 30 Kids

    1. Part of an elaborate strategy to accumulate more Facebook friends – by conceiving them.

    2. Strongly considering future career as birthing coach, but wants hella practice first.

    3. Wanted to prove he’s 3 times the man NFL player Antonio Cromartie is.

    4. Just a few more and he can start his own Wu-Tang Clan (including Sunz of Man & Killarmy & Royal Fam & Wu-Syndicate & GP Wu & Blue Raspberry and…).

    5. Father’s Day = Xmas Pt. 2 & 3!!!!

    6. So many interesting choices for kids’ names, so few children.

    7. Mistook vagina for sperm donation cup.

    8. Lobbying hard for ‘competitive procreating’ as future Olympic sport. (Likes his chances of bringing home the Gold.)

    9. Had a condom break once, vowed never to trust the damn things again.

    10. Spread love is the Knoxville way.

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