1. The Life & Final Days of Guru (AUDIO).

    The BBC 1Xtra Radio series “Gone Too Soon” examines the life and musical endeavors of the man with the unmistakable voice, Guru , who indeed left us much too early. The hour-long program presents an overview of the Gang Starr MC’s career and takes a closer look at the unpleasant circumstances revolving around his death on April 19, 2010. We get to hear from DJ Premier , Big Shug , Common and other artists who worked with him as well family members, not to mention the controversial figure Solar , who is quite hated by many in the hip-hop community for his involvement in what appeared to be shady maneuvers that attempted to keep family and loved ones away from the rapper while he was in a coma in the hospital.

    From BBC Radio 1: In this programme we’ll explore how DJ Premier and members of his family began to feel distanced from Guru, struggling to maintain communication with him. Even so, Guru was busy with Solar, making music and playing live. But when Guru was diagnosed with cancer, the real problems started.

    While Guru lay in hospital his family claimed that Solar banned them and long-term friend DJ Premier from visiting him. Guru’s nephew posted a very public video on YouTube entitled “Guru. The True Story behind hospital and coma” in which he asked people to help him and his family gain access to his uncle, referring to Solar as “manipulative.” However, Solar says he was doing what Guru told him to and so it was Guru who chose who he wanted to visit him.

    The situation peaked when Guru died on 19th April, 2010. Solar released a statement, which he says was written by Guru himself, which shocked family, friends and fans alike. Not only did it ask Solar’s family to look after Guru’s son, but it also requested his “ex-DJ” Premier to dissociate himself from Guru’s name. Many believe this letter to have been penned by Solar himself, it caused outrage among many who knew Guru, and in this programme we’ll hear both sides of the story.

    Listen to the program HERE .

    [From BBC 1 Radio . Props to Mass Appeal ]

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