1. ego trip Movie Night: Groupies (1970).

    Superhead still wasn’t even close to being a twinkle in her daddy’s eye when the real-life star-struck women in Groupies (1970) were on the loose chasing down rock stars. This unflinching (and haphazardly shot) documentary is at times brutal, never sugar coating the often ugly side of the late ’60s rock ‘n’ roll scene teeming with casual sex, tequila, penicillin, LSD, mace, insults, and insecurity.

    Featuring appearances by known groupies like Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster , who infamously collected molds of musician’s privates, including Jimi Hendrix ‘s johnson, it’s actually the “obscure” starfuckers (who appear totally wasted at all times) who hold your attention the most — for better or worse… mostly worst. Whether it’s a drunk Southern blonde gal who relays a story of getting choked in a club or a petite and very nude brunette casually telling you (while brushing her teeth, no less) of the time she was happily whipped by Led Zepplin ‘s Jimmy Page , the goal of Groupies is to try to tell the reality of that life warts and all. In what certainly is a sad scene, a drugged-out-of-his-mind male groupie in Frisco endures physical assault and rejection but still won’t quit trying to be part of the party. Balancing out the bad trips is some rather good live performances by Ten Years After , Joe Cocker , Terry Reid , Spooky Tooth , and Cat Mother .

    Directed by Ron Dorfman & Peter Nevard.

    NOTE: Originally slapped with an X rating, this version appears to have possibly been edited, but still be warned it contains nudity and adult situations/language.

    (Props to 33Pictures for the upload)

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