1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Greek Woman's Stevie Wonder Impression Is Full Time Offensive.


    If it's been a while since the last time you saw something that made you "SMH" all day long, here's a little something to get ya engines revving: an appearance by Greek singer Manto doing her... uh, best , Stevie Wonder impression on the television program Your Face Sounds Familiar . While no one would find the idea of dressing up and performing as your favorite celebrity on a national television show objectionable, going the fully monty in blackface is pretty damn questionable. Particularly if you're not, you know, black . To paraphrase the great (non-Grecian emcee) Chuck D, "When the weekend comes, we're not down with this Greek."


    [via Dangerous Minds ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Albert Ross

      I guess Stevie can add Greece off the list of places to boycott, after Florida.

    • HughPhug

      blacking up is never good, even tho Greeks are basically black anyway (anythings black that aint white), but i think pretending you are blind is equally as bad, and worse of all, that was the most hideous piss take of Stevie Wonder i seen since white people used to do the whole head swinging thing in the 80's. just fully fucking dumb on so many levels.
      i'm off to watch that amazing drum solo again

    • greenvoodoo

      meh, very bad performance decision but not racist.

    • ???

      I didn't realize asians were black I will have to inform some of my friends that they are officially black.

    • funkdoodoo

      THE BEST OF RACISM? I don't know?
      it's a very bad performance no doubt, the woman is not a good actress or singer, but racist? People who are offended by this should get a day job or jump on some real racism issues.

    • funkdoodoo

      This got nothing to do with blacking up, it's just a bad imitation of S. Wonder brother.

    • http://www.str8buttah.com/ teck

      Wow....3 letters. W.T.F

    • anglel

      I think everyone should have a week in their lives where they are able to put on a "skin" other than their own. White for a week, black for a week....... I am dying for others to experience what it is like from my shoes......and to be able to see what it is like in someone elses

    • Cg Byrne

      Doing blackface is questionable, particularly when you're not black? Who else is going to do it? And is Eddie Murphy doing 'whiteface' racist? Some people need to develop a thick skin. Or is that being thickist?