1. Shiznit We Slept On: ‪Grandmothers Watching the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape‬.

    Just how we slept on these three grannies checking out the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape on a laptop is beyond us. Hittin’ the Internetz about a week ago and notching up nearly 2 million views on YouTube, the following clip shows some elderly friends enjoying lunch when all of a sudden the videotaped rendezvous between Kim K. and Ray-J comes up and next thing you know the ladies are surfin’ for pr0n. While some of the comments by the seniors run on the more lovable grandmama side (“Ray J who?”), surprisingly quite a few of the reactions are bleep-worthy hilarity (“His tongue is as long as his *censored*”). Find out what else these randy grannies had to say after the hump…

    (Props to Hugh Herman‬ for ‪the upload.)

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