1. The ’80s Art Explosion That is Grace Jones’ “Love Is The Drug” Music Video.

    Grace Jones — when it comes to unique styles, ain’t too many ladies in the music biz messin’ with Strangé, even now. Revisiting the super über ’80s video for her “Love Is The Drug” cover today will have you jonesin’ for your MTV back when videos were still exciting.


    Grace Jones — "Love Is The Drug" Music Video (1986).

    This video is bonkers. And it’s more ’80s than Jennifer Beals in leg warmers leaving a party full of cocaine because she just got paged by the cast of Miami Vice .

    Grace Jones — "Love Is The Drug" on The Kenny Everett Show (1980).

    You think we lying this? Mrs. Jones is like the Mad Scientist on this British TV show appearance.

    (Props to ohnoitisnathan6 for the upload)

    Roxy Music — "Love Is The Drug" (TELEVISION).

    Yeah, there’s plenty to bitch about this clip of Roxy Music performing their original 1975 hit record “Love Is The Drug”: the performance ain’t live and the video fades out midway through. But an unexpected eyepatch and back-up singers make up for it though.

    (Props to emimusic for the upload)

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