1. Too Real For Google: The Google Doodles You’ll Never See.

    If you spend any time on Google searching stuff, you’ve seen the Google Doodles , those inventive redesigns to the search engine logo that commemorate various holidays and/or important figures. Well, here at egotripland we decided that although the clever G-Doodles are cool and all, it’s really a shame that some folks and/or special days won’t ever get any recognition because Google is a corporate behemoth that can’t show love, to say, the stoner 4/20 holiday. But fret no longer, as we unload some Doodles on that azz that would be way too controversial if they ever hit the Internetz.


    APRIL 20:

    Say “High” to Mary Jane for us, it’s 4/20!

    MAY 1, 1776:

    Give up your mind, soul and body, it’s the Illuminati’s birth day!

    JUNE 17, 1994:

    On this day the OJ got juiced!

    OCTOBER 4, 1983:

    Tit tit hooray! Hooters was founded in Clearwater, FL on this date.

    OCTOBER 30

    Devil’s Night: Detroit’s infamous and highly flammable “holiday!”

    DECEMBER 9, 1983

    Theatrical release of Scarface : Have some coke and a smile, it’s Tony Montana’s anniversary!

    DECEMBER 21, 2012:

    It’s about to get Apocalypto in this bitch any second now.

    THE END.

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