1. Goodie Mob — "I'm Set" (AUDIO).


    Photo by Diwang Valdez

    It's not entirely clear what the heck is going on with the long promised Goodie Mob reunion. But a new song did leak last night, which may or may not be on the album which may or may not be called We Sell Drugs Too or Age Against The Machine . Chances are it doesn't sound like what you might expect. Unless maybe you expected the ATL quartet to be on some vintage Walter Matthau - Xzibit ish. Check it.

    [Via Los Angeles Leakers ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • joe

      awful. what a tragedy.

    • RU

      The track is not of the caliber I expect from GOODIE Mob. Good luck guys.

    • Alex C,

      not as goodie as it should be. still aight tho...

    • billy

      doodoo on a stick

    • loljk

      First verse is good. That's about it.

    • http://twitter.com/broganoff Brogan

      it's good, everyone else is wrong.