1. Gonjasufi "Demonchild" (MUSIC VIDEO).

    WATCH: Gonjasufi “Demonchild” Animated Music Video.

    File this one under "Weirdo Shit We Like." Full credit goes to James Pants and The Gaslamp Killer for hipping us to the rather unique (some might say rather bizarre) musical world of Gonjasufi, an ancient guru from the future type who happens to be a yoga master. This must-see mind-altering Hydroshare/Certified Skateboards-produced vid for the song "Demochild" (off the The Ninth Inning EP) is directed and animated by Meriem Bennani and might melt your monitors with its creepy blend of Bakshi, Kubrick, Neckface and Jodorowsky-esque imagery that will remind you of at least one scary-ass nightmare from your childhood. Enjoy.

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