1. Get On That Higher Level With The GodsConnect YouTube Channel (VIDEO).

    Feels like God’s work spreading the (late) word about this, a superb collection of ill video mixes, loops and beats, featuring reworks of the Wu, Dead Prez, The D.O.C., and many more. Ghost McGrady , TUAMIE , DJ HARRISON , ILLingsworth , mndsgn , Wodoo Wolcan , and others featured.

    P.S. For those who don’t got time to watch the mixes, just watch the shorter bonus joints. But we think you’re gonna want to come back and enjoy all the videos. Peace.

    GodsConnect Rap Video Mix Vol.1 (ft. Action Bronson, Smoke DZA, Chuuwee, Rich Kidd +)

    GodsConnect Rap Video Mix Vol.2 (ft. Quelle Chris, Bishop Nehru, Joey Bada$$, Blu & Madlib +)

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.3 (Knxwledge, Dibia$e, Mndsgn, Haz Solo +)

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.4 (ft. Knx, Ohbliv, KVZE, Dibia$e & Quelle Chris +)

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.5 (ft. PoptartPete, Knx, ŢỤẮMÌÈ, Prof.Logik, Ohbliv, Dibia$e +)

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.6 (ft. Ohbliv, Knx., Dibia$e, KVZE, Prof.Logik +)

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.6 (ft. Ohbliv, Knx., Dibia$e, KVZE, Prof.Logik, Tuamie) RE-UP from GodsConnect on Vimeo .

    GodsConnect Video Mix Vol.7 (ft. Ahwlee, Iman Omari, Knx. Ohbliv, KVZE, Tuamie +)

    GodsConnect Volume 8 ft. Knx. TUAMIE vhvl Ahwlee KVZE +

    GodsConnect Volume 9

    BONUS: Knxwledge. – gettinkake.

    BONUS: Ghost McGrady – doorway 2 my soul

    BONUS: Ghost McGrady – Šarūnas Marčiulionis [your old droog rmx]

    BONUS: shmnrgrs. – HUSTLER ‘97

    BONUS: DJ HARRISON – Feel The Burn

    BONUS: t o p $ – chckmyswtchup

    BONUS: Wodoo Wolcan – Bomdigi

    BONUS: ILLingsworth – thought trap

    BONUS: Ohbliv x D.O.C – Glaised

    BONUS: Aru-2 – un

    BONUS: TUAMIE – in fear of​.​.​.

    BONUS: Sir Froderick – drift (edit)

    BONUS: ohbliv – trick my wisdom

    BONUS: mndsgn – northpolemetro

    BONUS: Whoarei – Mmmmm

    BONUS: miraa. – luv.

    BONUS: Kaytranada – That’s The Way Love Goes

    BONUS: TUAMIE – Snorlax

    BONUS: Wodoo Wolcan – This Love Is Real

    (Via the GodsConnect YouTube Channel for much more)

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