1. Girls on Film: Beatrice Dalle.


    It could be the incredibly sexy gap between her teeth or the quiet confidence she exudes or the fact one could easily be captivated just watching her sit there and do nothing else but smoke a cigarette. Yeah, there are many reasons to be pulled in by the allure of the intriguing French actress Beatrice Dalle.

    Her much talked-about sex scene in the art house flick Betty Blue (1986) is what first put her on my radar, but I didn't see her again until Jarmusch's Night on Earth (1991) , where she played a hot, worldly blind woman. A much older, yet still enticing, version of Dalle appeared in Abel Ferrera's The Blackout (1997) , a film not seen by many (as well as not liked) that to me is, nevertheless, one of the more underrated low-budget films of recent memory. Her hardened look in the movie is offset by her smoldering presence and ability to flash a stare of absolute desire or contempt with ease. Earlier this year, I peeped Beatrice in the extreme French horror flick Inside (2007) , and was impressed by her scary performance that glows with intense evil and how she's able to keep the character a serious threat in a film that teeters on getting campy towards the end. Beatrice Dalle can do it all.

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