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    Giorgio Moroder's First Ever DJ Set Live in NYC (AUDIO).


    The big event earlier this week here in Nueva York was legendary producer/composer/electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder Fake Oakleys 's appearance at Francois K's "Deep Space" party. Presented by Red Bull Music Academy and billed as his "first ever DJ set," the silver-haired 73-year-old Moroder greeted an amped full house at Brooklyn's Output via Vocoder before commencing a 74-minute program of his classic Cheap Oakley Sunglasses soundtrack works Discount Oakley Sunglasses (e.g. Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Battlestar Galactica Knockoff Oakleys 's "Evolution"; Midnight Express ' "Chase") and productions for Donna Summer, Sparks and more. While Summer's "I Feel Love" was the obvious climactic moment, a mid-set treat featured Moroder dropping a few bars from his theme from Replica Oakley Sunglasses American Gigolo Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses , Blondie's "Call Me," live on keys and Vocoder. Listen below and feel the love.

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