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    Giorgio Moroder’s First Ever DJ Set Live in NYC (AUDIO).


    The big event earlier this week here in Nueva York was legendary producer/composer/electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder‘s appearance at Francois K’s “Deep Space” party. Presented by Red Bull Music Academy and billed as his “first ever DJ set,” the silver-haired 73-year-old Moroder greeted an amped full house at Brooklyn’s Output via Vocoder before commencing a 74-minute program of his classic soundtrack works (e.g. Battlestar Galactica‘s “Evolution”; Midnight Express‘ “Chase”) and productions for Donna Summer, Sparks and more. While Summer’s “I Feel Love” was the obvious climactic moment, a mid-set treat featured Moroder dropping a few bars from his theme from American Gigolo, Blondie’s “Call Me,” live on keys and Vocoder. Listen below and feel the love.

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