1. Gil Scott-Heron Mini Tribute Mix.


    "If I hadn't been as eccentric, as obnoxious, as arrogant, as aggressive, as introspective, as selfish, I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't be who I am." - Gil Scott-Heron, 2009

    Last year a friend of mine at XL Records asked me to put together a short mix to help promote Gil Scott-Heron's I'm New Here album. I was instructed to include a handful of classic Gil tracks along with some of the hip-hop records that sampled them, as well as songs from the new album. In addition I was given some interview snippets with Gil in which he discussed his life and career to try to work in wherever possible.

    My end goal - besides integrating all the disparate elements as smoothly as possible - was to capture the stark, somber beauty of I'm New Here - a challenge because the album was so uniquely a piece of its own, an emotional open wound sonically unlike anything he'd recorded before. But I thought it came out well.

    As it so happened the mix wound up getting lost in the sauce in the run-up to I'm New Here 's release. With yesterday's heart-breaking news of Gil Scott-Heron's passing, I thought I'd post it up here to share, a brief homage to this legendary artist/activist/thinker, and his brilliant final project. I hope you enjoy it.

    For those of us who've been indelibly influenced by him there will never be another. Gil Scott-Heron, Rest In Power.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • CanelaNYC

      The combination of this mix & the breeze on my fire escape is making me cry. But it's a good one. Healthy. Thank you.

    • http://chairmanmaonyc.com "Chairman" Jeff(erson) Mao

      Thnx for listening, Canela. GHS forever.

    • Emz

      Its tough OG !!!

    • stuart

      I've been a Gil fan for 40 yrs and have been surfing the net for tributes for 2 days now. This is the most outstanding contribution to his memory - ironic it was made to promote his return and lost on the way. However its place has been found and it has helped me turn a corner in the grieving process.

      I'd love to know more about your work - please contact me
      Thanks - Peace go with you brother

    • DUNC4N

      Fantastic, can i get a DL? Need this in my head while walking in real world right now.

    • Tee Max

      ...its funny... this mix has more heart, than most of the dross that gets spat out on the net. it affects in a very heartfelt way, even with its short length. i hope it becomes available for download, or better yet, those who want it, should be able to pay for it, knowing the proceeds go to mr scott-heron's family.

      thank you

    • http://chairmanmaonyc.com "Chairman" Jeff(erson) Mao

      Thnx to everyone for the feedback. I'm very humbled by the response. Since the mix was originally conceived as a promo only thing to be streamed on-line to help spark interest the "I'm New Here" album, I'd rather stay true to the original intent & not put it out there for download. I hope folks will honor Gil Scott-Heron's memory by picking up "I'm New Here" or any of the other classic LPs from his back catalog.

    • Bryan Keller

      Thanks, Jeff. It's been too long, man.

    • http://barabarasounds taro nombei

      This is excellent. It's fresh and really captures the man's essence, especially his GSH we saw in his last years. Great work — and greatly appreciated!

    • http://dailyleftover.blogspot.com/ dailyleftover

      great work, very nice!
      can i ask what version of "Home is where the Hatred is" is in this tribute?

    • http://chairmanmaonyc.com "Chairman" Jeff(erson) Mao

      Bryan! Good to hear from you, man.

    • http://chairmanmaonyc.com "Chairman" Jeff(erson) Mao

      It's the regular studio version, but pitched down some to match w/ the Kanye/Common song that follows. Unfortunately, I didn't have the tech know-how to keep tempo w/o changing pitch or I would have. Hopefully it doesn't detract from either song too much.

    • http://dailyleftover.blogspot.com/ dailyleftover

      man, ur skills are fine -this tribute stays groovy until the end, much respect! i'd check those Kanye West and Common - My Way Home version as i am baby on that new stuff - kinda short for what i hear but in this tribute fitts great ..thx