1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Ghostface Killah Rants About People All Up In His Business.


    This afternoon Ghostface Killah ‏/ @GhostfaceKillah went on The Twitter to let off some steam (for reasons that still remain foggy). Seems like social media has got the Wu-Tang icon more than a little heated as he lambasted all the no-good busybodies who spread gossips and rumors . With all the problems in the world today, GFK doesn't understand (or appreciate) why the focus on is on him. Near the end of his rant, he shouts out his loyal fans, and offers support for finding justice for murdered teenager Trayvon Martin. Tony Starks, folks. Perspective oughta be his middle name.


    1. YO Yow I'm here to tell y'all muthafucka to stay the Fuck out of my BUSINESS!! Whatever goes on in Ur life is Ur not I'm Not Involved!

    2. If Ur Mother smoke crack that's your mother i ain't saying shit about her...That's Ur business I aint gossiping bout UR shit Dats 4 Bitches

    3. Niggas get off your ass and do Some productive shit. All that internet gossipin shit is for Bitches...All My REAL #GFKLoyals know what I'm

    4. talking about... I didn't know y'all cared so much to respond to Negative shit.This world would be Better if you Stay on some POSITIVE Shit

    5. I had to bothers with Muscular Dystrophy that passed away Y'all niggas ain't tweet that shit.

    6. The devil feed off of negative shit...What that make y'all. I'm ill nigga Nigga Don;t get me started B for real..

    7. Don't confuse it with Music Y'all my fans for a Reason I LOVE y'all Niggas for real! I brought y'all shit Y'all will NEVER hear in ur Life

    8. I'm a ill Nigga I Get Busy!! #GFKLoyal

    9. Wake up to Bullshit This OUR Life..All you niggas Saying Shit I bet you don't even OWN Supreme Clientale or IronMan..SOap Opera niggas

    10. My Real Fans Don't have time for this Shit! Niggas Raping Babies, Homeless People Y'all tweeting about that?

    11 Serious Shit going on in the World & You making ME the topic of the Week! This computer shit is a gift & a curse! Sittin Waitin for Negative

    12. This Life is like living a half a day...

    13. Positive Education ALWAYS Correct ERA's & that means PEACE for you smart Dumb Niggas

    14. Stand for #TrayvonMartin

    15. If I wasnt GFK , 50 wasn't Fifty, JayZ wasnt Jay y'all Niggas wouldnt give a Fuck about NOTHING!

    16. People got a GOOD to do to give y'all good Music Respect US!

    17. Cause we celebrities y'all gonna tweet when we Dig in our Nose & y'all do the same shit!

    18. Dhuhr! Time to Offer Salaat #ThatIsAll

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