1. Ghostface Killah: The Montreality Interview (VIDEO).

    The great Ghostface Killah spends time in Canada gettin’ deep in an interview spanning all types of subjects, touchin’ on the first jobs he ever held down, his childhood love for Tom & Jerry, the day he realized he was smokin’ way too much weed, and why he squashed the beef with Biggie.

    “I’m here, but I’m not here,” says the man known as Pretty Toney, who as the Q+A moves on gets more philosophical, calling for a stop to the violence still plaguing the United States in cities like Chicago, addressing the ongoing problem of babies having babies (“They don’t have no spiritual guidance, yknowImean? So they’re not afraid of anything”), and spitting the truth to the youth (“Yo, look inside yourself, man.” “Everything you see is not real.”). GFK doesn’t stop there, preaching the gospel to everyone, revealing, “I don’t even kill insects no more, yo. Because they got life, man. That’s life.”

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