1. Ghostface Killah: The Montreality Interview (VIDEO).


    The great Ghostface Killah spends time in Canada gettin' deep in an interview spanning all types of subjects, touchin' on the first jobs he ever held down, his childhood love for Tom & Jerry, the day he realized he was smokin' way too much weed, and why he squashed the beef with Biggie.

    "I'm here, but I'm not here," says the man known as Pretty Toney, who as the Q+A moves on gets more philosophical, calling for a stop to the violence still plaguing the United States in cities like Chicago, addressing the ongoing problem of babies having babies ("They don't have no spiritual guidance, yknowImean? So they're not afraid of anything"), and spitting the truth to the youth ("Yo, look inside yourself, man." "Everything you see is not real."). GFK doesn't stop there, preaching the gospel to everyone, revealing, "I don't even kill insects no more, yo. Because they got life, man. That's life."

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • foster home apollo kid

      what type of kid was i in the classroom? my first sex teacher.com

      first job i had? killah.

      after that? fled the scene.

      after that? started lying about my exploits on rap records.

      your religion? weed smokin n alcohol drinking faux muslim. ask vinnie paz...

      least fave book? Tao Of The WU. by RZA

      what would you call your book? "my books are like a movie" (audio tape) "glass of water/bruce lee misquotes"

      what were you in a previous lifetime? pre-reincarnated?

      favourite cartoon character? casper the friendly ghostface

      fave video game? WU Tang: Shaolin Style on the Play Station (even tho none o the charachters could jump)

      last meal of choice? being a faux muslim... BLT. (12 reasons to change your die-t)

      upcoming projects? rapping about the same stuff, but in a different way, over different beats.

      whats the worst name you've ever had for a project? Moon crickets

      another Wu Tang album? why bother? fans like Ghostface's solo albums better than a real Wu album album album album album.

      if its not right? i apologise.

      will Cappadonna be on it? nah, he's too busy drivin taxis.

      had you settled your beef with biggie? see above^^^... "milk the cow the best way we know how" (video directed by Doggie (Smalls) Diamonds)

      do you still smoke weed? nah, not since that person who called me a faux muslim on Ego Tripland.com Called me out... 5 mins ago. i love that website btw. (35 blunts per week aint fuck all by the way. thats lightweight)

      your message to the youth? dont listen to me when i talk in interviews. follow someone elses intuition, follow the robots... do what they do. (work to live - dont work to live tho) - "if you want wealth, search for self" C Rayz Walz


      any bullshit spiritual beliefs? "life is just a trial... you get another go next time 'round..." (cheapen this current life why dont cha... ) "right now its god vs devil vs logic/common sense vs science...vs rappers talkin shit in interviews..." the trials n tribulations of ignorance-pushin MC's who can't help contradicting themselves - awww

      into killing insects? nah, i'm half faux muslim-half faux Jainist.

      any words for god? god, bring it on!

      is god real? god is beautiful, B. god is real. he da best.

      how many different heavens and hells is there? theres many different heavens and hells?

      Raekwon - Heaven n Hell, 1995? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1i6QfsMUug

      do rappers always talk this much shit in interviews? yes

      do folk still love Ghostface, regardless? yes.

      will Ghostface fans ever buy another Wu album? some might.

      how are you health wise? mighty healthy.

      shitey interview over.

    • mr ms quote (not confused)

      "work to live, don't live to work"

    • part time Ego Trip commenter

      unless you really like your job.

    • gstatty

      who the fuck is this bitch made motherfucker commenting down here? btw I did the math thats 1680 blunts a year, bound to make your work ethic slip a little no matter who you are.

    • Ghostlover

      God god god god god this is boring. I like Ghost's music but quit with this pro muslim bs. This interview will turn off more fans than gain them. No wonder he doesnt do interviews regularly! Funny