1. Vintage Footage From the Set of Ghostface Killah’s “Mighty Healthy” Music Video.

    It’s a little irksome that Ghostface Killah ‘s “Mighty Healthy” must now seemingly always be referred to publicly as the “original of Kanye’s ‘New God Flow'” – like it requires that additional contemporary validation or something when it obviously does not. But then again publicly crediting Ghostface is better than not publicly crediting Ghostface (and far better than simply completely forgetting Sir Ibu altogether). Anyways, newly shared by videographer, producer, director, editor Choke No Joke is some cool raw footage from Ghost’s “Mighty Healthy” music video shoot. It’s just Ghost running through a complete performance take of the Supreme Clientele staple, with an enthusiastic Raekwon seen at one point in the crowd throwing up the “W” in support.


    [via Nah Right ]

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