1. Wait for the Ghostnotes Book… or Just Watch This Dope Video of B+’s Hip-Hop Photography Now.

    (All photos: © B+/Mochilla)

    Watch this snazzy preview of West Coast based photographer Brian “B+” Cross Ghostnotes , a long overdue chronicle connecting the Afrocentric dots of hip-hop since 1990 to its drum-centric cousins in Brasil, Colombia , and beyond. Among the gems, photographs of LA’s early ’90s underground scene , a pregnant Lauryn Hill , drummer Paul Humphries , Jay Electronica in Egypt and some popular rapper called Nas (the last two pictured above). Shown at the SPD West 9th annual Unsung Heroes of the American West event this past April, we had this post in the chamber, but for some reason, we forgot to pull the trigger (i.e., it was Brent’s fault).

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