1. REPORT: Gawker Blogger Fired For Using N-Word In Kanye West Twitter Rant Story.


    Interwebz response to Yeezy's Wednesday night Twitter rant has largely been all relatively harmless snarky rib tickles. But Gawker has reportedly fired one of its bloggers for dropping an n-bomb in its coverage of Kanye West's frenzied tweeting session . Blogger Seth Abramovitch used the n-word in his report while making a joke to explain what Kanye’s new company DONDA meant. Wrote Abramovitch: "And what is DONDA? It’s an acronym for Dis Original N---a Dresses Aight." (The racial slur was not originally censored, but has been since, with an apology added to the post .)

    DONDA is, in fact, the name of West's deceased mother. Abramovitch later apologized for his "dumb joke using an offensive term," conceding that is was, "my attempt at edgy humor [that] fell flat." He was nonetheless dismissed yesterday.

    There it is. The n-word: still White Kryptonite after all these years.

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    • bboycult

      In 2012...how do you know it's Clark Kent behind the keyboard in an internets c-section? Answer: it's the post w/the MOST 'Niggas' per keystroke! All day/Errday.