1. AUDIO: Gangrene - "Odditorium" EP (Free Download).


    Those Gangrene guys sure know how to give the people what they want. Arriving on the heels of their Vodka & Ayahuasca LP , Alchemist and Oh No drop a free digital EP today, Odditorium (we'd guess in commemoration of 4/20 but seems like that's every day for these 'Grene thumbs) . Get it, and watch another one of the crew's patented found footage videos of sociopaths in their natural element (for the Odditorium tune, "Walk Hard")... after the jump...

    Download Gangrene's Odditorium via Red Bull.

    Buy Gangrene's Odditorium on vinyl via Decon .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Rustic Rod

      On "ODDITORIUM" by GANGRENE I wonder how many people know that the song & structure of the track "FLY BROTHERS" is by early 1970's Bristol (UK) freak band MAGIC MUSCLE. The original track appears as half of a two part number titled "I Can Travel Anywhere / Fly Brothers" on the debut vinyl-only LP "The Pipe The Roar & The Grid" (side 1 track 1) by MAGIC MUSCLE but I reckon GANGRENE discovered it on an old white label acetate (that was still out there somewhere) and used it to rap over. I don't know if this EP would become any more collectable if it boasted "FEATURING MAGIC MUSCLE" but it is worth knowing in terms of ancient music lore. The band has included Simon House (ex David Bowie/Hawkwind/ etc etc.), Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond/ex Hawkwind/etc.), Twink (Pink Fairies/Pretty Things/Tomorrow/etc etc.) Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond), Huw Gower (The Records, etc.), Keith Christmas; Oh, and Rustic Rod Goodway who wrote the song and plays guitar & sings throughout. Originally Recorded 1970 by Magic Muscle and, for all you completists, Rustic Hinge & The Provincial Swimmers. Far out, man.