1. Wu Tang Memes Ain’t Nuthin’ To… Well, You Know…

    Ahhh. The Interwebz (or, as some of us prefer, Tha Inna'net) has bequeathed us with yet another Wu-Tang Clan meme that admittedly gave us all here a chuckle. Yeah, it's a quick, easy, and predictable joke. But so are re-runs of Three's Company, and we could watch that shit a million times (and have, and often still find ourselves thinking, like the Wu themselves, "Janet or Chrissy?").

    The Wu Meme Saga Continues...


    Keep Calm and Protect Ya Neck.

    From the Ministry of Wu-Formation.

    Killa Bees on tha Swarm.

    “My seeds run with his seeds…”

    ODB Meets Mad Men.

    Got your ad money.

    Ol Dirty's Kanye Interruption.

    Duel of the Iron Mic.

    Biden. Wu-Tang Fan.

    Hey Joe, where you going with that WTC album in your hand?

    The Only Black and Yellow I Need.

    Killa Beez Forever.

    Wu-Tang Photo.

    Check these visual ninjaz.

    Wu-Tang Is For the Children.

    Kick the truth to the young youth.

    Shaolin Soccer.

    God squad that’s mad hard to serve.

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